Thursday’s March 26th Class

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Hello Everyone,

Bad news yet good news…

Due to unforeseen and painful circumstances. I will have to cancel Thursday night’s class. I’ll be ok…

Your blog assignment is still due on Thursday at 12pm.

Class will happen on Monday and the work due is still due at 12pm for that class.

Sorry to do this to you and I know how upset you are about it. Don’t cry. Be strong.

See you Monday and wish me luck.


Professor Dunphy

Monday March 30th Class

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Hey Everyone,

As a reminder, we will see each other on Thursday, March 26th 6:30pm… room: 113 Ingersoll Addition/Extension

Please have the blog posts ready by 12pm — plus the internet chapter.

On Monday, March 30… we will resume our normal schedule.

Please have the TV section + Satire’s Brew, Lecture 3: South Park

For the Blog:

Using Satire’s Brew, watch 2 episodes of the show (not discussed in the lecture) and agree, disagree, and expand on the ideas in the lecture. Use the book as a source! This is required.

Word Count: minimum 700 words, 1200 maximum.

Due on Monday at 12pm.

After that – SPRING BREAK! YAY!


Professor Dunphy

Mm Monday & Thursday Class

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Hey All,

All apologies for the delay! Then again — I did say what you would have to do.

We have class this Monday & Thursday night.

Please read: The radio & TV sections of the book for Monday.

For Thursday: Internet chapter

Blog Post – Thursday, you know about! Due by 12pm Thursday.

Monday by 12pm:

ONE Blog Post, 750 words minimum

Listen to Orson Welles’s War of the Worlds –

Listen to the first episode of “Serial” —

Write about both using what you’ve learned plus some review of it.

Extra credit – Listen to ALL of Serial and write a post about it.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


How Is This Still A Thing?

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For a good laugh and a constitutional amendment debate!


Week 7 MM

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Hello Everyone,

We will do a bit more on the film chapter on Monday…

Please have read the recordings and radio chapters closely. Hint? Hint?

This week’s 1st blog assignment is the same as the one on the blog assignment sheet.

Get your hands on The National’s High Violet… write a review of the album. Word count 500-600. More info on the assignment sheet.

Start listening ASAP and don’t write your review till later. Listen in so many different ways: at home, in the car, on the train…. try to immerse yourself in the work.

Also — some things in this assignment are UNACCEPTABLE: “I don’t listen to this type of music” or anything that has to do with you not having broad horizons. Easiest way to get a F. Even Jay Z listens to rock music, ya know?

Your job is to listen to the music — please do so.

A second blog: Listen to “The Daily Mail” by Radiohead and write a 300-500 word response to the song. Look at lyrics, or don’t but give it a few listens.

You can start it with how you think it is going to be and react to it.

Once again — 2 blogs due this week. But it is just listening to music so not asking that much.

Enjoy the sunshine and the new music!

Professor Dunphy

Exam Update

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Hey Class,

Will send out the work for this week tonight or tomorrow AM.

I noticed (and some others did too) there was an error on the scantron.

I will be making the proper adjustment to all the grades.

Thank you.

Professor Dunphy

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Hello 1165,

This is to confirm our make up day:

I have officially switched our make-up day to Thursday, March 26th from 6:30-9:15pm from the original date of 4/2.

Our Weeks Will Be As Follows:

Monday, March 23rd 12:50-3:30pm — same room as usual

Thurs., March 26th 6:30-9:15pm –  room 113 Ingersoll Addition/Extension

Monday, March 30th 12:50-3:30pm — same room as usual

No Class on Monday, April 13th

Monday, April 20th 12:50-3:30pm – same room as usual.


Have a good weekend.

See you Monday.

Professor Dunphy


First exam is over and you will receive your grades on Monday.

For Monday – please read the Film chapter.

Posts Due: Any work posted on the blog is the work due and voids the word document handed out at the beginning of the semester.

Write a review of Before Sunrise – 700-1000 words.

Hope you liked the film… due by Monday, 12pm. As per usual.

Over the next few days your TA will send you the two films remaining in the Before series – Before Sunset & Before Midnight.

One post for each film = 2 posts, at 700-1000 words each. So, that’s 3 total posts because there are 3 films in the series.

These two posts are due ANYTIME before Thursday, March 26th by 12pm. 

Before Sunrise is due by Monday at 12pm.


Make up Day:

I have officially switched our make-up day to Thursday, March 26th from 6:30-9:15pm from the original date of 4/2. I sent out the info last week but considering some of you cannot follow directions, I wonder if it was read or not.

Our Weeks Will Be As Follows:

Monday, March 23rd 12:50-3:30pm

Thursday, March 26th 6:30-9:15pm

Monday, March 30th 12:50-3:30pm

No Class on Monday, April 13th

Monday, April 20th 12:50-3:30pm


Following Directions:

I want to thank the powerful minority for making yesterday one of the top 20 moments in teaching. That so many of you could make an error like that considering — either way, that should be a proud moment.

Due to everyone’s ability to pay attention – I have decided, I will only say things ONCE in class and if you miss the work, that is your issue and you’ll have to figure it out.


Have a good week and I will see you on Monday.

Professor Dunphy

My Gift to You!

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Hey Everyone,

Below you will find a study guide — NOT THE ANSWERS — for exam #1.

While this may seem like the only elements to study… you would be mistaken.

Study Chapters 1-5 and use this as a guide.



TVRA 1165 – Introduction to Mass Media

Exam 1 Study Guide, Chapters 1 – 5

Spring 2015



  • The Federalist Papers
  • Penny Press and its effects
  • Different types of news reporters
  • Types of books throughout the ages and their categories
  • Types and demographics of book editors
  • Vertical and horizontal integration
  • Technological determinism
  • Media criticism and mass communication
  • Convergence, synergy and economies of scale
  • Writing on spec, writing on query, writing under contract
  • American media domination and cultural imperialism
  • American media and government (how they relate)
  • Three stages of media development
  • Magazine facts (reasons for their success, dates associated with them, different types of staffs, etc.)
  • Harper’s Weekly
  • Playing violent video games and watching violent video can lead to…
  • Payne Fund Studies
  • American Soldier Studies
  • Effects models
  • Opinion leaders
  • Catharsis Theory
  • Sensationalism, libel, defamatory remarks



  • Benjamin Franklin
  • John Peter Zenger
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Investigative reporters and muckrakers
  • Thomas Nast and Boss Tweed
  • John Campbell
  • Johannes Gutenberg
  • Frederick Douglass – cos shouldn’t everyone?



  • “Golden Age” of American magazines
  • When systematic media research began
  • First U.S. newspaper and magazine
  • The Civil War and WWI
  • The publishing of Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • The War of the Worlds
  • Zenger Trial
  • Stamp Act

Possible Class Date Change

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Hey All,

Hope the studying is going well… A gift is coming soon.

But this is for something else.

I’d like to possibly switch our evening class to Thursday, March 26th.

6:30-9:15ish. Original April 2nd.

Why? I want all of you to see the first Draft of the European lecture!

Our weeks would be:

Monday March 23 1250-330pm

Thursday, March 26th 630-915pm

Monday, March 30th, 1250-330pm

No class on Monday April 13th

Next class: Monday, April 20 normal time.

If there is a problem email your TA, NOT Morena (unless she is) and let them know.