Moving blog addresses!

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I am retiring this blog address and moving to:

If you would like to keep up with all things Dunphy, Mass Media, and other things — subscribe there.

If not – thanks for subscribing, being in the class… and good luck!


Professor Dunphy

Final Grades are In!

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Finally, right?

I NEVER take this long but because Summer Session 1 started a week earlier than usual… everything was backed up.

Add in my 150+ students… fun times.

Either way… The grades are in… and some of you did quite well… others not so much… and in-between.

I am sorry (yet not sorry) but if you have 3+ absences and fail a bunch of items you’re not going to pass this course… let alone any course in college.

If you received high grades across the board — congrats on earning your A. You deserved the grade for sure.

Remember, all I did was look at your 3 exams, your blog grade, attendance, participation notes and poof!! There is your final grade.

I didn’t give you an A, B, C, D or F — you got that all by yourself. I just put it in the computer.

If you think I put your grade in error– which can happen– reach out to me at

It is summer so I may not respond right away but I will respond.

Last but not least: if you would like to unsubscribe to the blog, you have to do it yourself, I cannot do it. If you would like to stay subscribed, don’t do anything… and look at the changes for the fall 2015 semester!

Best and enjoy the summer vacation!

Professor Dunphy

Blogs Are Done, Man!

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Hello spring 2015 1165,

This is the last post I will be sending and then off for the summer… kinda.

All the blogs have been graded… and it was pretty easy going — HA!! I wish! It took so long and I’m exhausted.

If you would like your blog grade — please email your TA to find out the grade. Give them a few to respond because it is finals week, etc etc.

With the blogs — very simple… you did all the work… you got an A… after that, well, it starts to drop. You start missing things, lateness, under the word count, poor this or poor that, then your grade takes a hit.

As I said in the beginning: you do the work, do it well, it’s an A.

I am opened to discussing your grade but only if there are valid excuses — in the sense of, “I was penalized b/c of lateness yet I didn’t have any late posts.” Well, ok, mistakes happen… but you better PROVE it before just emailing.

If you disagree with your grade because you think you should have gotten higher, before you do, take a look at the blogs below. While these are far from perfect, if you wonder why you didn’t get an A- or higher and they did, take a look. Btw, not ALL A- or higher blogs are on here.

Scroll down for the blog links.

That’s about it.

Enjoy the summer, the final grade will be in probably some time next week.

Was a pleasure except for the exam days when — well you remember.

Professor Dunphy

Best Blogs:


I have received several emails (ok like 4) with students asking about the exam.

And the last post is accurate and I said the same thing during class.

Good luck studying.

Professor Dunphy

Final Exam Spring 2015

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Hey All,

Good luck studying!

Reminder for final exam:

Monday 1:00-3:00pm, same room as always.

Chapters: 10, 11, 14 & 15

100 questions – multiple choice & matching

#2 Pencil


Professor Dunphy

Final Week!!

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Hello 1165,

We MADE it… through winter into spring… and we are here… the final week of Introduction to Mass Media.

I already gave my pep talk and I truly meant it!

For our final week!

Your final blog post is due — it’s the one I am grading. Easiest way to fail this – not doing it :) So… don’t do that. Lateness is a bad idea too.

Get it done! Show me what you’ve learned!


Media Law & Media Ethics chapters.

Final Exam:

Monday, May 18th between 1-3pm in our room.

I started creating the exam and it will definitely be 100 questions – Chapters on Internet, PR, Media Law, Media Ethics seem to be the four I am leaning towards.

Extra Credits:

Still one left… the commencement stuff! Take a look back on the blog and see the details.

Besides that – good luck and enjoy the final week!

Professor Dunphy

Week 13 – Mass Media

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Hello Everyone,

Week 13! Final week for any extra credit, except the Commencement one, and this one: Tuesday, May 5th 3:30pm-5:30pm(ish), I need a few students to help me set up for TVR’s end of semester party.

If you can come help set up tables, chairs, decorations, etc etc… email me. I only need a few.

Class Work:

We will have a quiz on the advertising section – so be prepared for that.

We will cover PR and finally the Internet too.

Blog Assignment:

Read The final lecture in Satire’s Brew on Presidential Satire.

Watch the following videos:

Write about the two videos USING Satire’s Brew… and all you’ve learned in 1165. Word Count: 500 words.

The FINAL Blog Assignment:

Your TA should send it out by tomorrow/Wednesday… obviously, work on it… and post by Week 14 before 12pm. If you haven’t heard from your TA by Thursday. Email them and ask for the assignment.

Final Exam:

Monday, May 18th 1:00-3:00pm

Same structure as before. Chapters guaranteed to be on there — Internet, Electronic News/Journalism… and… we will see what else.

Best and enjoy the week.

Professor Dunphy

John Oliver Piece

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Hello All,

I wanted to show this video but we had our first internet glitch.

I am planning on working the video into the blog assignment.



Hello All,

Please take a read:

*Commencement 2014 Crew Call – Volunteers*

The Television Center is looking for volunteers to help with Brooklyn College’s 2015 Commencement events. We will be live streaming two Graduate ceremonies live on *Wed 5/27* and the Undergraduate ceremony from the quad on *Thurs 5/28* with prep/rehearsals for both crews the day before the events (see schedule below).

This is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience as part of a Multi-Camera crew covering our biggest live event of the year.

Crew call times are:

Tuesday 5/26 9AM – 5PM Grad Crew Prep

Wednesday 5/27 9AM – 4PM Undergrad Crew Prep &

11AM – 11PM Grad Ceremonies

Thursday 5/28 7AM – 4PM Undergrad Ceremony

Any interested students can sign up at the TV Center or by emailing or

Please indicate which crew you are available for (Graduate/Undergrad) including the times and dates (you may volunteer for single or multiple days), your phone number & email address and any prior experience you may have (no experience is necessary to volunteer).


In order to be considered for a key crew position you must be present for both prep and ceremony days from call to strike. Meals will be provided as well as T-shirts for crew working the events.

We look forward to having you join our production team for this special live event!

MM Week 12

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Hello All,

Week 12 is upon us… well… on Monday but you get my point.

For this week:

Please have the News/Electronic Journalism chapter and the PR chapter read for class.

The blog assignment for this week:

We watched “Mistaken for Strangers” — sorry about the audio… don’t use that as an excuse… you can re-watch it online if you want.

Write your blog post using the PR chapter… but also discuss the band… your reaction to them, to Tom and Matt but also — what do you think about the music now that you’ve spent a little more time with them?

Word Count: 500 words minimum.

Besides that, all extra credits are due by Week 13.

Enjoy the week and see you on Monday!