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Hello All,

I wanted to show this video but we had our first internet glitch.

I am planning on working the video into the blog assignment.



Hello All,

Please take a read:

*Commencement 2014 Crew Call – Volunteers*

The Television Center is looking for volunteers to help with Brooklyn College’s 2015 Commencement events. We will be live streaming two Graduate ceremonies live on *Wed 5/27* and the Undergraduate ceremony from the quad on *Thurs 5/28* with prep/rehearsals for both crews the day before the events (see schedule below).

This is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience as part of a Multi-Camera crew covering our biggest live event of the year.

Crew call times are:

Tuesday 5/26 9AM – 5PM Grad Crew Prep

Wednesday 5/27 9AM – 4PM Undergrad Crew Prep &

11AM – 11PM Grad Ceremonies

Thursday 5/28 7AM – 4PM Undergrad Ceremony

Any interested students can sign up at the TV Center or by emailing or

Please indicate which crew you are available for (Graduate/Undergrad) including the times and dates (you may volunteer for single or multiple days), your phone number & email address and any prior experience you may have (no experience is necessary to volunteer).


In order to be considered for a key crew position you must be present for both prep and ceremony days from call to strike. Meals will be provided as well as T-shirts for crew working the events.

We look forward to having you join our production team for this special live event!

MM Week 12

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Hello All,

Week 12 is upon us… well… on Monday but you get my point.

For this week:

Please have the News/Electronic Journalism chapter and the PR chapter read for class.

The blog assignment for this week:

We watched “Mistaken for Strangers” — sorry about the audio… don’t use that as an excuse… you can re-watch it online if you want.

Write your blog post using the PR chapter… but also discuss the band… your reaction to them, to Tom and Matt but also — what do you think about the music now that you’ve spent a little more time with them?

Word Count: 500 words minimum.

Besides that, all extra credits are due by Week 13.

Enjoy the week and see you on Monday!


Remember – No Class Today!

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Hey All,

Remember we do not have class today, April 13th.

Our next class is on Monday, April 20th.

We will have the exam starting at 12:50pm on chapter 6-9…. 75 questions. #2 pencil please.

After the exam, I was thinking of showing a film but since we missed that week — I am wondering what to do.

Look for a follow-up on this…



Is… a…

Study GUIDE!!

It’s a guide not all the answers:

Enjoy… the week and good luck studying.


– Persistence of vision
– “The CSI Effect”
– Kinetograph, kinetoscope, vitascope, Victrola, Nickelodeon
– Phonograph, gramophone
– Telegraph and wireless telegraph system
– Frequency range for radio transmission
– Rock and Hip-Hop music genres
– “A & R”
– toll broadcasting
– structure of the music industry (positions and responsibilities, e.g. a producer is in charge of…)
– structure of film production (positions, e.g., a best boy is…)
– Average America radio-listening and television-watching rates
– Movie production rates per country
– Feature film, paid attendance film, made-for-tv movies
– Film star system
– Director’s cut of a film versus the final cut of a film
– Media formats and format wars
– Lines of resolution, scan lines
– Recording industry revenues in relation to major corporations
– Fireside chats and the associated president
– Cable television (including basic and premium), public television
– Violent in cable television (percentage)
– Geostationary


– Thomas Edison
– Lee DeForest
– Samuel Morse
– Philo Farnsworth
– William Lear
– Edward Muybridge
– D.W. Griffith
– Shawn Fanning
– George Eastman
– Jack Warner
– Edward Porter
– Lumiere brothers
– Emile Berliner
– Bill Hayley
– Elvis Presley and his media image
– Radiohead
– Tipper Gore
– Newton Minnow
– Networks–Clear Channel Broadcasting, NBC Red and Blue), FOX
– 60 Minutes, Oprah, Seinfeld, The Wire, Sesame Street


– War of the Worlds broadcast
– The film production shift to Los Angeles and reasons for it
– Golden Age of Motion Pictures, Golden Age of Radio, TV’s Creative Golden Age
– Payola Scandals
– Clear Channel Broadcasting stopping airing Dixie Chicks
– The Electronic Era
– HDTV broadcasting, prime time broadcast in color
– U.S. government takeover of radio after WWI
– WWII’s effect on television
– Radio Act of 1912, Radio Act of 1927
– Communications Act of 1934, Telecommunications Act of 1996

Thursday’s March 26th Class

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Hello Everyone,

Bad news yet good news…

Due to unforeseen and painful circumstances. I will have to cancel Thursday night’s class. I’ll be ok…

Your blog assignment is still due on Thursday at 12pm.

Class will happen on Monday and the work due is still due at 12pm for that class.

Sorry to do this to you and I know how upset you are about it. Don’t cry. Be strong.

See you Monday and wish me luck.


Professor Dunphy

Monday March 30th Class

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Hey Everyone,

As a reminder, we will see each other on Thursday, March 26th 6:30pm… room: 113 Ingersoll Addition/Extension

Please have the blog posts ready by 12pm — plus the internet chapter.

On Monday, March 30… we will resume our normal schedule.

Please have the TV section + Satire’s Brew, Lecture 3: South Park

For the Blog:

Using Satire’s Brew, watch 2 episodes of the show (not discussed in the lecture) and agree, disagree, and expand on the ideas in the lecture. Use the book as a source! This is required.

Word Count: minimum 700 words, 1200 maximum.

Due on Monday at 12pm.

After that – SPRING BREAK! YAY!


Professor Dunphy

Mm Monday & Thursday Class

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Hey All,

All apologies for the delay! Then again — I did say what you would have to do.

We have class this Monday & Thursday night.

Please read: The radio & TV sections of the book for Monday.

For Thursday: Internet chapter

Blog Post – Thursday, you know about! Due by 12pm Thursday.

Monday by 12pm:

ONE Blog Post, 750 words minimum

Listen to Orson Welles’s War of the Worlds –

Listen to the first episode of “Serial” —

Write about both using what you’ve learned plus some review of it.

Extra credit – Listen to ALL of Serial and write a post about it.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


How Is This Still A Thing?

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For a good laugh and a constitutional amendment debate!


Week 7 MM

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Hello Everyone,

We will do a bit more on the film chapter on Monday…

Please have read the recordings and radio chapters closely. Hint? Hint?

This week’s 1st blog assignment is the same as the one on the blog assignment sheet.

Get your hands on The National’s High Violet… write a review of the album. Word count 500-600. More info on the assignment sheet.

Start listening ASAP and don’t write your review till later. Listen in so many different ways: at home, in the car, on the train…. try to immerse yourself in the work.

Also — some things in this assignment are UNACCEPTABLE: “I don’t listen to this type of music” or anything that has to do with you not having broad horizons. Easiest way to get a F. Even Jay Z listens to rock music, ya know?

Your job is to listen to the music — please do so.

A second blog: Listen to “The Daily Mail” by Radiohead and write a 300-500 word response to the song. Look at lyrics, or don’t but give it a few listens.

You can start it with how you think it is going to be and react to it.

Once again — 2 blogs due this week. But it is just listening to music so not asking that much.

Enjoy the sunshine and the new music!

Professor Dunphy

Exam Update

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Hey Class,

Will send out the work for this week tonight or tomorrow AM.

I noticed (and some others did too) there was an error on the scantron.

I will be making the proper adjustment to all the grades.

Thank you.

Professor Dunphy