My Gift to You!

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Hey Everyone,

Below you will find a study guide — NOT THE ANSWERS — for exam #1.

While this may seem like the only elements to study… you would be mistaken.

Study Chapters 1-5 and use this as a guide.



TVRA 1165 – Introduction to Mass Media

Exam 1 Study Guide, Chapters 1 – 5

Spring 2015



  • The Federalist Papers
  • Penny Press and its effects
  • Different types of news reporters
  • Types of books throughout the ages and their categories
  • Types and demographics of book editors
  • Vertical and horizontal integration
  • Technological determinism
  • Media criticism and mass communication
  • Convergence, synergy and economies of scale
  • Writing on spec, writing on query, writing under contract
  • American media domination and cultural imperialism
  • American media and government (how they relate)
  • Three stages of media development
  • Magazine facts (reasons for their success, dates associated with them, different types of staffs, etc.)
  • Harper’s Weekly
  • Playing violent video games and watching violent video can lead to…
  • Payne Fund Studies
  • American Soldier Studies
  • Effects models
  • Opinion leaders
  • Catharsis Theory
  • Sensationalism, libel, defamatory remarks



  • Benjamin Franklin
  • John Peter Zenger
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Investigative reporters and muckrakers
  • Thomas Nast and Boss Tweed
  • John Campbell
  • Johannes Gutenberg
  • Frederick Douglass – cos shouldn’t everyone?



  • “Golden Age” of American magazines
  • When systematic media research began
  • First U.S. newspaper and magazine
  • The Civil War and WWI
  • The publishing of Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • The War of the Worlds
  • Zenger Trial
  • Stamp Act

Possible Class Date Change

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Hey All,

Hope the studying is going well… A gift is coming soon.

But this is for something else.

I’d like to possibly switch our evening class to Thursday, March 26th.

6:30-9:15ish. Original April 2nd.

Why? I want all of you to see the first Draft of the European lecture!

Our weeks would be:

Monday March 23 1250-330pm

Thursday, March 26th 630-915pm

Monday, March 30th, 1250-330pm

No class on Monday April 13th

Next class: Monday, April 20 normal time.

If there is a problem email your TA, NOT Morena (unless she is) and let them know.



Exam #1 Details

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Hello All,

Good class yesterday! At least I think so!

For next week:


Your job:

Study Chapters 1-5 – all the questions are from Rodman’s book, bring a #2 pencil (I charge if you forget).

After the exam there is a mandatory screening – dual attendances will be taken so don’t skip out.

That’s all!

Good luck studying!


Extra Credit Opt!

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Hey All!

Earn some points on the first exam! Write a blog responding to the event, take a selfie, etc etc.

Let the people know I sent ya!


The Magner Career Center, the School of Visual Media and Performing Arts and the Brooklyn College Foundation are pleased to host

The Secrets of the Highly Successful:  Media and Entertainment

on Tuesday, March 3rd!


Nominate your best students to attend as they will meet successful entertainment industry alumni.  They will discuss their career paths and the skills that students need to thrive in their respective industries.


Date and Location: Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Location:  To be announced to confirmed attendees.

Time: 12:30 to 2:00 pm

Registration Required and Space is Limited:

Alumni include:

** Music producer with 20+ years of experience working with high profile recording artists and


** Producer of Broadway plays such as Stomp, Hairspray and Sweeney Todd

** Founding Director of the Barry R. Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema at Steiner Studios

** Vice President of Sales, Viacom


More panelists to be announced!


Invitation Only. Registration in advance is required. Please keep in mind that this is not a recruitment event but a chance to network and hear from successful alumni and gain valuable insight into the entertainment industry.


If you have any questions or concerns, please email Michael Sarrao


Next week – Monday 2/23

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Hey Everyone,

We have class tomorrow because Wednesday is a Monday schedule.

This post is for next week’s class on Monday 2/23.

Chapters from Rodman – 4 and 5.
Satires Brew – the origins chapter: Shadows of Forthcoming Events

There will be a quiz on one of these for sure.

Blog Work: due Monday by 12pm

Do you agree or disagree with the character’s comparison between Thomas Nast and Fox News? Use the book and cite examples to help your argument… Also, use your previous assignments.

Word Count: 500-750 words


Professor Dunphy

Mass Media Week 3!

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Hey Everyone,

As you know, no class Monday but we meet on Wednesday, same everything.

Your blog will be due on Wednesday (2/18) before 12pm as well!

For this week’s readings:

Rodman’s Chapters 3 & 4

Plus Chapter 1/Lecture 1 of Satire’s Brew.

The Blog: Due WEDNESDAY (2/18) BEFORE 12pm.

Watch The Daily Show — any THREE episodes from 2015 are good… no interviews needed. Just Segments A & B.

Using Satire’s Brew, chapter/Lecture 1, write a blog agreeing or disagreeing with the character’s POV (remember, it’s not me!) and any other elements… using the episodes you watched… Also, give an opinion!

Use as much SB to help you along.

Not using Satire’s Brew will result in an automatic F.

Word Count — on the blog assignment sheet.


If you haven’t heard from your TA, they emailed you — so email Morena and it will be resolved. However, the TA did send an email to your BC registered email. This does not apply to ANY students who came into the class AFTER week 1.

Regardless, this should be done by now.

Hope you’re enjoying the class so far!


Professor Dunphy


Hey All,

Remember, Monday, Feb 16th class meets on Wednesday Feb 18th.

Week 9 will meet on Monday, March 30th 12:50-3:30pm… and Class 10 will meet on Thursday, April 2nd 6:30pm-9:15pm.

There will be no class on Monday, April 13th.

Our next class 11 (which is exam #2) will be on Monday, Thursday, April 20th at the normal time.

Thank you.

Professor Dunphy

1165 Mass Media – Class 2

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Hello Students,

This is the first official email for your Spring 2015 Monday class.

Please read the entire post:

1. Our next meeting is Monday where we will discuss Chapters 1 & 2 from Rodman’s Mass Media In A Changing World.

Please purchase the book as soon as possible and bring to each class meeting.

2. Satire’s Brew – please purchase the book through the website. They give you 30% of the book in PDF form so you can have it ready for Week 3.

Information on how to purchase is included within the syllabus.

Spring 15 MM Monday Syllabus

3. Your first post is due and should be posted on your original blog before 12pm on Monday.

Please read this article: KellervGreenwald

Who do you agree with — Keller or Greenwald? Follow the parameters in the blog assignment sheet:

Spring 15 MM Blog Assignment

4. Your TA should contact you by Thursday on your BC registered email account. If you have not been contacted by Friday, email Morena and she will help you out.

Last, enjoy the work and the semester!


Professor Dunphy

Hello Spring 2015 Mass Media,

Attached to this blog post is our syllabus and assignment sheet.

Please download it and keep it for the semester.

Thank you.

Spring 15 MM Blog Assignment

Spring 15 MM Monday Syllabus

New Semester – Spring ’15

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Hey Subscribers,

The new semester begins today and there will be posting as per usual.

If you would like to unsubscribe, please do so.

Of course, would love for you to stay and see all the new things Mass Media is doing.

Oh, and if you’ve gotten this far and watched The Super Bowl last night, you witnessed the WORST play call in the history of modern sports. Seriously. The WORST.

Have a great semester.

Professor Dunphy