Grades are in Part 2

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Hey All,

Your grades are in but may not be released until tomorrow.

I didn’t forget anyone… so please be patient.

Thank you.

Professor Dunphy

Grades are IN..

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Hello 1165,

The grades are in, or you know, maybe CUNYFirst is lying to me.

Either way, have a great summer… Let’s Go Rangers!!

With the grades: I have 200+ total students so I am pretty sure I got everyone’s grade correctly.

Remember: absences, exam, blog, classwork… all factor into your grade. If you have an issue, please email me at

However, it is summer so I’m checking email WAY less often — patience is a virtue.

If you want off the blog – there’s an unsubscribe somewhere on here…

Thanks and have a good one! Good luck in the Fall and beyond.

Signing off…

Professor Dunphy

Grades for 1165

Posted: May 22, 2014 in Spring 14 MM

Hey All,

I will have all the grades next week so don’t start checking them until you hear from me.

Remember, I have 150 students, so if you think I made a mistake (has happened) email me and explain why it’s a mistake.

However, you also run the risk of me LOWERING your grade b/c maybe I was nice. I know, difficult, right?

Either way — enjoy Memorial Day weekend and grades will be out sometime next.



90+% blogs done!

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Hey All,

So, as promised… I will be finishing the blogs before the exams! All 150+ of them.

Sorry for the few I missed or haven’t gotten to yet… I still have a day plus! But they’ll get done.

You will start getting the grades for your blogs (if you haven’t already) and before you comment… please take a look at these blogs first.

They are all really good but none of them are perfect. Each has their strengths and weaknesses but when you receive your grade, you’ll get an idea of why you got what you got.

If you seriously believe you have a case for a grade change. Email me at and state your case with examples from your work.

Besides that — one more blog post to come after all the grades are in.

Professor Dunphy

The Blogs:



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Hey Everyone,

TV & Radio is quite popular these days!

We have an online writing for TV & Radio course offered over the summer.

It’s so popular, we’re considering opening a second section of the course. If you’re thinking about TVR or just 3 credits or want to take a few more courses… you should email me at to work things out.

The course is ONLINE so there is no reason to come into Brooklyn… you can do the work from the beach or pool! YAY!

The professor teaching it– the guy who wrote the OTHER book you read in class, Professor George Rodman! He’s awesome and you’ll learn quite a bit. He’s kind of a big deal.

You should definitely consider it!

Best and enjoy the weekend.

Professor Dunphy

And.. scene.

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Final Exam Info S’14

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Hello Monday & Thursday!

So there’s no confusion (I hate that word) or delay… here is the info for your final exam.

Monday’s class

Monday – May 19th 1:00-3:00pm

Room: 3139 Boylan UNLESS you hear differently before the exam

Chapters: 11, 12, 14 & 15

Multiple Choice & Matching


Thursday’s Class

Thursday – May 22nd, 1:00-3:00pm

Room: That Whitehead room we always meet in :)

Chapters: 10, 11, 14 & 15

Multiple Choice & Matching


If you cannot make the exam on Thursday, you can take the exam with Monday but you need to ask permission via email:

If you have a conflict on Monday– we need to discuss.

You cannot just switch without getting permission, if you do, I will not let you take the exam and you will receive an INC for the class.

Thank you… and good luck studying!

Professor Dunphy

Last week!! YAY!

Posted: May 7, 2014 in Spring 14 MM

Hello Monday & Thursday!

Thank you for coming to last night’s guest speaker.  Hope you learned something. :)

I will start responding to students beginning tomorrow — grades will be revealed when all the blog grades are completed. Please do not hound me on it. I SHOULD be done before your exam date but not 100% sure. If you’re exempt because you rocked the class… I will email you — if you ask… you’re not going to be exempt.

TAing — I’m looking for a few… so if you are interested and have high grades thus far… email me at profdunphy.

For our last class….

Please have the final two chapters read…

They will 100% on the final exam.

So, already you know 3 chapters (News, Ethics, Law) are going to be on the exam. I’m debating on the 4th and/or 5th chapter.




Hello Class,

As you all know because of 1000 reminders.. class on Monday & Thursday is moved to:

Tuesday Night 6:30-9:15(ish) in room 2310N.

I will warn you ahead of time… the room can get kind of stuffy… so hope for mild weather.

The evening will consist of:

Advertising chapter & these two articles—

After this discussion, we will have two guest speakers to end out the night. Please be respectful and represent BC to the best of your ability.
Should be fun and hope you learn something great!
Final Exam Info:
The chapters will be determined soon but whatever we’ve discussed/read in the book after the second exam has a chance to be on it. Exam is going to be around 100 questions, multiple choice & matching. #2 pencil, etc etc. Definitely news chapter for sure.
Dates — Monday, May 19th 1-3pm — room TBD
Thursday, May 22nd 1-3pm — room TBD
If there is a conflict for Monday, please try and work it out and attend our exam. If you have a conflict for Thursday, you can come to Monday’s exam but need permission by me via beforehand.
You cannot just show up or decide to take the exam on a different day.
I am debating a study guide but that depends on your work in the final two weeks.
Best for a great weekend!

Week 13 Thursday

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Hey Thursday,

Hope you enjoyed class yesterday… I thought it was fun!

I will see you Tuesday, remember. Details to follow.

For Tuesday before 12pm. Anyone who failed (14 or lower) the quiz has to do an extra blog…

350 words discussing the media coverage of Donald Sterling… anything from the past few days. I want your reaction to the way the media covered the event.

Please have the advertising section read as well for Tuesday night’s class. And these two links on photoshop.

Your final blog post is due Thursday by 12pm. This is the one I will be grading, so please make sure it’s the best of the bunch!

If your TA is Jennifer and we didn’t speak, please email me at

That’s about it.

Enjoy the weekend.