Power and Blog Posting!

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Hello Everyone,

As promised… here is your blog assignment.

Go to youtube or HBOGO and watch 2 extended segments from “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.”

On youtube it’s usually a segment in the 10-20 minute range.

See this one — it’s 15 minutes long and you cannot use it for our lovely assignment but pretty funny stuff.

On HBOGO… you can watch the episode and it’s after the week in review segment. Usually in the middle or the highlight of the show.

Pick ANY TWO segments since the show premiered earlier this year.

Using Satire’s Brew Lecture 1 on The Daily Show… discuss:

The two shows…. compare and contrast.

The notion of power — does John Oliver have power? If no… why?

If yes, prove it — always good to get sources! :)

Word Count: Minimum 600 words, maximum 1500 words.

Extra Credit:

On a second post –

Watch 6 episodes of Oliver’s show… react to them in a similar vein… 2000 word minimum.

Best and see ya Monday!

Professor Dunphy

Week 8 – Mass Media Part 1

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Hello everyone,

Looked at a majority of the quizzes and will only be giving back the students who passed… so they’ll be like 4 of you or something.

Have to step up your game ASAP on that one for sure!

Good class yesterday… we explored a lot of different aspects of media (music, radio) and the power it has over us. And you found out where I was for two weeks.

The discussion will continue over the rest of the semester for sure!


Radio Chapter and Television Chapters from Rodman’s book.

Also, Satire’s Brew (Lecture Four) will be do Week 9 so be prepared for that. Be prepared for a quiz there.

As of now, the blog assignment will be sent in a separate post because I want to make sure I have the right article/videos for you to watch.

However, I’d like for all of you to start thinking about POWER and journalism… Power and media… power and fear… power — who has it and how it affect us.

Don’t forget to go to sign up for Media Nights!!

Professor Dunphy

Media Nights 2014!

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Hey Everyone,

As I explained in class…

Attend one of these and get 10 points (and some extra credit)…

If you attend two… I’ll figure it out.


This will probably be the only time I will do something like this, so, I would definitely do it or at least try to make it work. But that’s just me!

If you are doing poorly on the blog (lateness, not using satire’s brew, etc), if you did poorly on the exam (or just missed the 90s) I would definitely attend to be sure it helps your grade out.

How to get credit:

A few selfies in the beginning and end of the night make sure to post them to your blog… then write-up a 500+ response to the event.

Here is the information:

November 4th Tuesday 
(with Stephen Earnhart, Nancy Schafer, Prof. Chris Langer; moderated by Prof. Irina Patkanian) 
Tuesday night’s focus is jobs in production. After screening a 50 minute documentary about the making of “Pride and Glory,” the speakers will talk about what kind of jobs are available for our graduates; what kind of qualities as well as skills producers, directors of both mainstream commercial and independent media companies are looking for; what is the future of media production industry and what are the new themes and visual approaches of that surface on the festival circuit…

November 5th Wednesday
(with Marisol González, Racquel Gates, Porf. Katherine Fry; moderated by Prof. Patkanian) 

The Blog Report

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Hey Everyone,

A reminder about this week’s work… you should have started as the blog assignment sheet stated and the post I sent out a few days prior.

I will randomly be looking at blogs this weekend… and then going over some this week in class. Already scanned a few and… well…

We will discuss some major blog issues in class on Monday. We will discuss the album too.

See ya Monday!


Professor Dunphy

Week 7 Recordings & Radio

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Hello Everyone,

Welcome back again. Hope you enjoyed the film section… maybe we’ll do a bit more next week.

Good job yesterday on all fronts! And sorry to my friend, Snowpiercer who didn’t like Snowpiercer.

For next week:

Recordings & Radio — I smell a quiz coming…

The Blog Post:

Check the assignment sheet for details!

But this should be started ASAP (as in today or earlier) and not the night before because that makes no sense… especially when listening to an album.

Music needs time to incubate inside your head. Trust me. I know what I’m talking about with this.

Besides that… enjoy the week!


Hello Everyone,

This will be the last post from me for a while!

Once again – good luck on the exam. Remember our deal with exams 1 & 2 and the blog — I have faith in all of you to pull it off.

After the exam, there’s a film + attendance…

Your FIRST blog will be on this film and posted on your blog ANYTIME before Monday, October 20th 12pm.

During the two weeks please make sure to read the “FILM” section of Rodman’s book. Remember there could be a quiz on this. Which was your fault….

Your SECOND blog is on the film “SNOWPIERCER” — see the assignment sheet for more details. Please read & use this link in the post.


This is due before Monday, October 20th 12pm.

If you don’t like the films – tell me why… remember, “I don’t like these kind of movies” doesn’t work. I hate Rom-Coms but I can tell you exactly why… they treat woman as objects to be won not individuals that are on par with the men… just one example.

We will set aside time in class to discuss BOTH films!

Remember, TWO blogs posts! DO NOT COMBINE THEM into ONE. Don’t forget the readings and see you all on Monday, October 20th.

Hope you like the films!!!


Professor Dunphy

Exam Reminder & Quick Update

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Hey Everyone,

A good Saturday to study! Hope you’re all making use of the terrible weather.

I will be out of communication for the next two weeks so I am sending you this post now and one more to follow.

Just a reminder the exam is starting at 12:50pm and is 45 minutes long. If you’re late, you get less time… if you miss the exam, I have to remake an exam and will be just that much more difficult.

Bring a #2 pencil.

Shut your cell phone off and all that good stuff.

After the exam there will be a film screening and an attendance sheet you must sign.

The film (not telling you what it is) will be blogged about and due by Monday, October 20th before 12pm. As per usual.

After the movie ends — enjoy the two weeks off from our class.

When you return on 10/20, you will receive your grade.

Good luck on the exam and see you in two + weeks.

Professor Dunphy

Week 5 Exam #1

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Hello 1165,

Let’s be honest: Your classwork yesterday was pretty horrid as were your test scores. I think out of the 150+ students 10 of you passed.

Ten as in one more than 9 and one less than 11. That’s absolutely terrible. I gave the quiz to my 2-year-old nephew last night and he got 5 right. Did I mention he’s two years old?

The shaming shall continue…

If you want to pass this course hopefully this is a BIG reminder of your responsibility to the work. Your job is to read the assigned texts and be prepared. Your job is to have the materials and use them.

By not doing this you make my job THAT much more difficult and the class that less entertaining.

With readings – I know this week was a lot but you were warned and it’s NEVER that much. Just worked out that way for one week. I told you about it and you failed to deliver.

To those who obviously did the readings and engaged in the discussion – keep it up. You’re on the right path.

Continuing… If you haven’t bought or used Satire’s Brew in the blog – you’ve put yourself at a distinct disadvantage to getting an A on the blog and in the class.

Thinking about it… I even warned you about a quiz… and yet still 90% of you failed. Not very good at all.


So, here’s what’s going to happen:

1. I will not warn you about an upcoming quiz – but figure beginning week 6 (Film) I will give a quiz each class and will come from any of the assigned readings.

2. If you fail 3 or more quizzes, you will not be eligible for the exemption at the end of the semester. Remember that gift… I can rescind it if I choose. But that’s all on you.

3. The few students who passed will be given X amount of extra points on their 1st exam as a reward. I will post it here soon so everyone can see.

4. The quiz is a perfect sample of what the first exam will be.

5. However, after all of this– I am a fair and understanding person especially to students… I believe in forgiveness and redemption so, your exam will be Rodman’s book, chapters 1-4. 50 questions. Study. As in study. Show me you can do the work and this quiz/class day will slip from my mind.


Once again – after the exam there is a film screening and attendance is required. Those who skip out on the film will lose points on the exam.


I will post a blog about the film stuff due on October 20th later in the week.


Good luck studying and I hope what happened yesterday does not happen again.


Professor Dunphy

MM Week 4

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Hey Everyone,

We’re full steam ahead on the semester! Hope you enjoyed Satire’s Brew… because right now there will be a bit more of it.

Please read the “story” section of Lecture 2 and all of the origin story Lecture 3.

As I mentioned — Newspapers & Magazines will be covered this week.

Your blog assignment should have been sent out by your TA — if not, shoot them an email.

Use Satire’s Brew Lecture 3 and the political cartoon to discuss. Should be fun. More info on the blog assignment sheet so take a look.

Exam on 10/6

Your first exam is going to be on chapters 1-4, with chapter 5 being a toss-up. Meaning, I’m giving a quiz on 1 of the 3 readings… Newspapers, Magazines and/or Satire’s Brew Origins. Bring the book because if the Giants win I may allow it to be an open book quiz.

Exam is multiple choice and true/false (A=True, B=False). Please bring a #2 pencil. It is NOT an open book but comes straight from the 4th edition.

After the exam on 10/6, there will be a film screening… it is mandatory you stay for the film and a post will be due two weeks later by 12pm. Don’t forget Snowpiercer is due as well. Two blogs in two weeks. Not so bad. Heavy Sci-Fi bent but could be worse – could be Transformers 8.

That’s about it.

Enjoy the long weekend.



Week 2 down, Week 3 coming!

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Hey Everyone,

Good job this week (save for the few sleepers) and we made some solid progress on the work.

We will have to keep chugging along to keep up with the time crunch!

For Week 3:

Your TA should have contacted you by now – if not, email Erika, she can help.

Your blog address should be sent to your TA. If wordpress asks you to pay $$ to do something. DO NOT do it! Seriously, it should be free. If you want to pay– um… don’t.

I posted your blog assignment on September 12th – see the previous post for that information. All blogs are to be posted BEFORE 12pm Monday. That’s noon, not midnight. Midnight is 12am and then technically it would be 12 hours late or then it would be Tuesday 12am. Either way. It’s anytime BEFORE 12pm/NOON on Monday.


Chapter 3 – Books

Satire’s Brew pages XI-58 — take some notes on ideas that jumped out on you. Be prepared to discuss and bring the book. Two books in a week! O… M… G!!!

I have down on the syllabus Chapter 4 (Newspapers) but I think we’re going to run out of time. However, it will be covered the following week and on the exam which is on 10/6.

As you can see from the syllabus there’s a heavy reading load in the beginning then it tapers off as the semester moves along.

Plan accordingly!

For Week 4: Newspapers + Magazines + another chapter of Satire’s Brew (and your first quiz!!) will be due. I know it is a lot but once again, this is college… you can do it! :)

Extra Credit Opt:

Continue to follow Keith Olbermann who is doing some incredible work on the NFL PR nightmare. Watch his stuff, react on your blog — 1000+ words on a few pieces (no summaries please) and you’ll earn an extra credit point. I should point out – the work has to be worthy!

Three total extra credit points are given.


If you are having serious issues with the work or need to meet with me, please feel free to email… I am more than willing to sit down and chat. However, please do not email me about what assignment is due or what reading is due… that is on the blog and on the syllabus/assignment sheet.

I believe that’s about it.

Have a good rest of your week.

Professor Dunphy